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Counselling Young People

Young people experience the same feelings as adults but these can often be overlooked. They often cope with their feelings in a different way e.g. emotional withdrawal or risk taking behaviour, and perhaps do not have the words or ability to describe how they feel. Sometimes they hide their feelings very well and adults around them don’t know there is anything wrong for a long time.

What we do know is that young people suffer, too, even if their upset or trauma happened before they could speak or remember clearly.

I use creative methods such as art, sand, movement and a variety of other creative methods to work with young people. These are valuable ways of helping them to express themselves. I work with young people from age 12 upwards and have experience of working with children and young people from all walks of life and backgrounds. This includes those in the care system who have often experienced high levels of abuse and/or neglect.

Safety of the child is always paramount and I adhere strictly to Child Protection and Safeguarding guidelines.


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I am based at:
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