Professional services

Training and Group work


All workplaces have at some time a particular issue that is impeding its overall smooth running.  I can facilitate one or more sessions with two or more individuals to work through the issue to help move the situation forward.

Team Building

This would be either a one-off or a course of sessions to facilitate the group in working together as a team. It includes understanding working relationships and respect for each other. This can apply to both client and employment groups.
It can even be fun!

Training Workshops

I deliver workshops and training in communication and counselling skills. This is most beneficial to the development of relationships.  The effect is to enhance the performance of both individuals and teams at work.

Professional Support for individual managers and staff members

I can help management and staff to work through difficult personal and professional issues e.g. relationships with colleagues, confidence issues, transition to promoted post, feeling overwhelmed, grievances, health problems, feeling stuck or anything that is getting in the way of performance at work. This support can take the shape of a one-off or regular sessions.

Counselling at work

There are times for all of us when we feel we simply cannot cope or go it alone any longer. Perhaps a member of staff is feeling stressed or out of control. I can provide confidential counselling either on site, or at my Hexham base.


All work I undertake has a high level of confidentiality. If a report is required we shall obtain the consent of the group or individual. This may be a pre-requisite in some cases.

All groups need to understand and agree to the level of confidentiality and some core principles.  These are put in place to protect the safe environment in which all successful group work can be fostered.

I adhere to BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) code of ethics and child protection / safeguarding policies.


Below is an example of a statement I use when working with any group. I welcome any questions you may have.

Ground Rules and Confidentiality
The purpose of this statement is to offer a starting point to form an agreement with the group which will encourage an atmosphere of trust, sensitivity and honesty to enable us to work effectively together and achieve our objectives.

I would like to suggest the following principles and we will have some time at the beginning of the session to agree these as a basis for working together.
If you feel you cannot agree with these principles as a starting point, please speak to the facilitator.

  1. Each member of the group has a valid contribution to make which will be valued and listened to.
  2. Where there may be differences in views, these will be heard sensitively or questioned in a way which is constructive and enabling to the process of the group, and its objectives.
  3. We are all striving to challenge and address oppressive practices in our work, and hope that all of the group will take responsibility to address oppressive behaviour or language which may occur, in a way which is sensitive and constructive.
  4. The need for sensitivity and support for each other when training together is important. Within this we would hope the group would support the principle of confidentiality about feelings which are shared during the course.

It is everyone’s responsibility to respect confidentiality. Each person has the right to expect that any sharing of personal information will remain within the group and will not be discussed with anyone else without the explicit permission of the person who owns that information.


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